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Smell-Proof Premium Stash Bag with Lock by GET LOST - Gray


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Introducing the epitome of discreet storage and organization, the GET LOST Smell-Proof Prelim Stash Bag. These ingeniously designed bags are the ultimate solution for individuals seeking privacy, protection, and style when it comes to their personal belongings. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these bags are available in three sophisticated colors: a soft and playful pink, a sleek and versatile gray, and a timeless and bold black.

  • Discreet Design and Privacy:

    • Designed for individuals seeking privacy and protection for their personal belongings.
    •  Gray
  • Innovative Interior Compartments:

    • Multiple compartments for organized storage.
    • Flip-open design for easy access to essentials.
    • Suitable for meticulous planners and spontaneous adventurers.
  • Five-Layer Construction:

    • Water-resistant exterior for protection against the elements.
    • Proprietary absorbent lining to shield belongings from moisture.
    • Dual-layer of 100% activated carbon for exceptional odor-absorbing properties.
    • Additional layers for enhanced odor-blocking capabilities and protection.
  • Combination Lock and Zipper Security:

    • Combination lock for added security.
    • Zipper handles designed to lock into themselves for extra barrier against unauthorized access.
  • Breathable Interior Lining:

    • Breathable fabric promotes air circulation, preventing moisture buildup.
    • Maintains the bag's interior in optimal condition for the longevity of items.
  • Versatile Use:

    • Perfect for urban explorers, trendsetters, and individuals valuing privacy and style.
    • Elevates organization and safeguards possessions in various settings.
  • Confidence and Peace of Mind:

    • Unparalleled security and protection for belongings.
    • Assurance that even pungent items remain entirely smell-proof.
    • Peace of mind in crowded spaces or busy environments.
  • Long-Lasting Quality:

    • Durable construction materials ensure longevity and functionality.
    • Maintain the bag's pristine interior for continuous use.
  • Innovation and Style:

    • Innovative design that redefines discreet storage and organization.
    • Blends functionality with style, catering to unique needs.

The "Get Lost" Smell-Proof Prelim Stash Bags combine innovation, style, and functionality to provide individuals with a solution for discreetly carrying and organizing their essentials while ensuring maximum protection and privacy.


Smell-Proof Premium Stash Bag with Lock by GET LOST - Gray